Creative & Development services

Creating a good digital publication requires more than just turning a PDF into an online flipbook.

If you need creative services or some assistance with your projects, a number of certified agencies in Australia and New Zealand can help you. They have been trained to use the Webpublication software platform and have created online publications for other clients.


Usual process


Designing a digital publication is a mix of print and web design. As there is no good project without good design, our partners offer a variety of services from consulting, to workshops and UI/UX design.


Video & Animations

As the two most powerful features to engage Internet users are animations and videos, our partners provide a complete set of services around motion design and video to enhance your online publications.

HTML5 Animations


Animating the pages of your publications will bring attention to the important messages and elevate the experience.

Motion Design


Creating infographics and motion design videos is the most effective way to tell a story or explain a complex subject in a short amount of time.



Integrating corporate videos and interviews personifies the communication and reinforce the authenticity.

Mobile application

The Webpublication platform is a complete ecosystem that allows you to create your own mobile applications and manage the content without writing a line code. It powers 400 mobile applications around the world, from sales team apps to libraries of digital content for customers.


4,000 clients and agencies have created
40,000 publications with us so far