Frequently Asked Questions


What can I create with Webpublication?

With the Webpublication platform you can easily create engaging digital materials:
  • Online publications
  • Multimedia galleries
  • Mobile applications

How do I get started with creating an online publication?

You can convert a PDF file in the Webpublication cloud software or directly convert an Indesign file via our Indesign plugin.

Can I make changes to my publications?

Yes, you can make as many updates as you need. Update fees occur only if you host the files outside the Webpublication platform and export the files more than once.

Is there any tracking?

Yes, the publications can be tracked with Google Analytics.

What is the difference between animated and non-animated publications?

Animated publications can support the integration of animations in the pages like sliding headers, counting up key numbers, fading image, animated graphs, etc.

How can I create animations?

Either with the Indesign animation features or with any other HTML5 animation tools like Adobe Animate.

What is the Indesign plugin for?

The plugin enables the creation and enrichment of your publications directly from Indesign. It is a bridge between Indesign and the Webpublication cloud platform. In a few clicks you can insert animations in your pages, embed pop-ups, videos and convert the publication into an online version. Once the publication is published online, you can also use the plugin to update your publication in a single click.

How can I install the Indesign plugin?

First, you need to have Indesign installed on your computer to be able to run the plugin.
You can download it from Adobe Exchange here:
Once installed, you’ll find the plugin in the Indesign menu Window / Extensions / PublicationManager.

Which version of Indesign does the plugin support?

The plugin is compatible with Indesign 2018 and 2019, on both Mac and PC.

Is there an option to have a page flipping effect rather than a flat sliding effect?

No, we don’t provide page flipping effects any more. These effects were mostly Flash effects and were associated to desktop flipbooks. With the transition to HTML5 and the UI/UX trend to flat design, we have stopped using flipping effects in early 2017. All the more so that they downgrade the performance of the publication reader on mobile devices.

Do I need a Flash plugin to view the publication online?

No, the online publications are created with standard and open-source formats (HTML5). There is no need to use a plugin and it works across all types of devices.

What is a multimedia gallery?

A gallery is an interface for storing digital content: online publications, videos, images, PDFs, etc.
The galleries created with the Webpublication platform are responsive and use HTML5. Sharing and Downloading features can be enabled.
Examples of use: storing High Resolution images for a Press Kit, creating a library of past editions for a magazine, creating a library of collaterals and price lists for a sales team.

What is an application?

With the Webpublication platform you can create library applications for your digital content - online publications, videos, images, PDFs, PowerPoint files, etc.
You create and manage the content in the cloud platform and it gets synchronised and updated in real-time on the application of every user.
The content can be stored offline on mobile devices, it can shared with a team and secured.
Applications are available on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows devices and online.


Where are the files hosted?

Hosting is included for as long as you have an active subscription to the Webpublication platform and whatever your level of subscription. You can also export the files of your publications and galleries to host them onto your own web server.

How long are the files hosted on Webpublication?

They are hosted for as long as you have an active subscription to the Webpublication platform. But you can also take publications down manually and remove the files from our servers by setting a “Go offline” date.

How do I use my online publication?

When your online publication is published, you can use it in many ways: add it onto your website, send the link by email, post it on social media...


Can I make some tests?

Yes, you can create a 30-day free trial account. When you have a subscription, you can also create as many test publications as you need. As long as they are not published or exported, they do not require the use of any credits.

How do I subscribe and get credits?

Send us an email at and we will organise a tax invoice and add credits to your account.

How are my credits used?

Credits are used when you publish new online publications, galleries or applications.

What if I don’t use all my credits by the anniversary date of my annual subscription?

If you pay the annual fee of a subscription, whatever the number of credits of this subscription, your account remains active and the unused credits roll over.

What if I need more credits?

You can upgrade your subscription at any time and get new credits added.

Do I need to continue my subscription to keep my publications live?

Yes, you need to have a paid subscription to keep your publications live on our servers. But you don’t need to maintain the same level of subscription every year. You are free to increase or decrease the number of credits of your subscription when you renew.

How do I keep my content live if I stop my subscription?

Before your subscription ends you can export and download the files of your publications and/or galleries. This way you can host them onto your own servers and keep them live.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

For any questions, send us a message at We usually reply within 1 working day.

Can you convert my publications? Do you offer design services?

We have partners with experience using our software platform. They offer a wide range of services. Send us a message at and we will introduce you to a relevant partner for your projects.