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Creating a modern digital magazine has never been easier! You don’t need any technical skills to use our cloud software. If you have no time, just ask our team to create your magazine.


Bring your magazine to life with image galleries, videos, animations, surveys and much more. We have many options to engage readers and help you create a memorable experience.


With Webpublication your magazine can be read on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac. No need to create multiple versions. We can even build a mobile application for your magazine to enable offline reading and push notifications.

Best practices to create delightful online magazines

To get the best results with your magazine, consider the following ideas:

  • Design of your magazine for a digital experience that is optimised across all devices: keep your pages visual and open the text of long articles in pop-ups.
  • Engage readers with videos, photo galleries, quizzes and animations.
  • Insert social media sharing capabilities to have readers spreading the link.
  • Give exposure to premium advertisers with animated ads or enquiry forms and report detailed analytics.
  • Add a subscription form to grow your membership and capture valuable data.
  • Embed features to navigate easily in the magazine, jump from a section to another and browse highlights.
  • Track the visits to understand what your readers view, like and click.
  • Build an iOS and Android mobile application for your magazine to enables offline reading and push notifications.

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Leverage the expertise of a worldwide leader

Digital magazines can be simple to create.

Our Australian team of experts can guide you through the process. They will analyse your assets, content, goals and provide recommendations on how to best leverage the e-magazine format.

Depending on your needs, our Creative Studio can design your publications and animate your content, and our Development Team can customise your materials and integrate advanced features.

Webpublication is the most recognised and awarded Digital Publishing platform.

We are working with more than 4,000 companies in the world from 8 offices in APAC, Europe and America. A large network of agency partners also uses our solutions every day to create outstanding digital content for their clients.

We have created more than 40,000 publications so far and hope to share our experience with you soon.









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