Engage your customers with Push Notifications

Engage your customers with Push...

Struggling to increase online engagement with customers? Mobile app push notifications could be your hero!

Most marketers struggle with increasing engagement and often do not consider that their company’s mobile app could be doing the hard work for them. And the answer can be closer than expected.

Mobile users spend 89% of their time in mobile apps. Push notifications have shown to be one of the best ways for boosting engagement, increasing retention and conversions. They can be highly efficient as 71% of users give permission to receiving push notifications on their device and the average “reaction rate” – i.e. percentage of users who received a push notification and clicked on it – is 8.7%.

If you are targeting B2C or B2B customers, sending push notifications from mobile apps does not vary too much. The recipients in the end are people like everyone and they are somehow interested in your company and products.

The list of benefits for sending push notifications from mobile apps is long. It can engage users with your brand and products by sending them interest-based or location-based push notifications, but it is also a great tool for you to bring your users back to your app and show them your latest news.

Sending a push notification is easier and faster than sending an EDM. If you are wondering how to increase engagement with your customers, how to communicate with them in a more personal way, get in touch with us and find out how you can nurture these relationships by creating your company’s mobile app.

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