E-catalogue as an online sales tool

E-catalogue as an online sales...

When Australian Pharmacy Direct (APD) approached us they did not have online presence nor website. APD is a group of pharmacies from Canberra that recently has focused on exporting pharmaceutical and related products to China.



APD needed to convert their print catalogue into an e-catalogue and use it to drive sales. The long variety of products had to be presented in a simple yet attractive way.



APD’s main target audience is Chinese people living in China. Therefore, APD also needed the catalogue to be produced in the Chinese language and hosted in China. Ideally, the catalogue would assist them not only in showcasing the products but assist them with the ordering of the products from a variety of electronic devices.

There were over 850 product links to be inserted in the English and Chinese versions.



We turned the existing print catalogue into an e-catalogue viewable on all devices and we added a ‘Wish List’ feature to let users add products to a ‘Wish List’ and send it automatically to a sales agent. Then the sales agents receive the orders and organise payment and delivery. That solution was perfect for Develin’s objectives and organisation.

  English   Chinese  


We handled the translation for the Chinese version. We also created an e-catalogue for the Australian market that was being promoted through a handed out postcard in the pharmacies, with a QR code allowing consumers to open the e-catalogue directly.



The creation of the e-catalogue with the ‘Wish List’ functionality was perfect for APD. They wanted a sales tool that could quickly launch their offer and test the market. As they are now receiving sales every day, they feel more confident about going further. They’ve started building a web store and when it will be finalised they will continue using e-catalogues to drive sales to the web store.


“Everybody really liked the e-catalogues, including staff and consumers. And the third catalogue worked really well in the stores (card with the QR code in it).

Everybody was happy with the sale results from the Chinese e-catalogue, making us confident in investing in our own web store.” – Emily Crisp – Marketing Manager at Australia Pharmacy Direct.



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