Australian Marketing Institute – Case Study

Australian Marketing Institute – Case...

Shaping the future of Marketing in Australia

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is a leading body for marketing professionals, collaborating with senior and emerging markets, enterprise leaders across all business, government and not for profit sectors, industry associations, educators tertiary institutions. Since 1933 its aims is to strengthen the marketing profession,to create value today and lead generations into the future. 



The AMI approached us for designing and creating a digital brochure that would announce the finalists and the winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards 2015, showcase commemorative photographs of the ceremony and promote the event’s sponsors. We were delighted to work on this prestigious Marketing event project.

In the past, this publication was printed only. Then more recently the AMI created a dual print and basic digital publication. This year, for the first time the AMI decided to create the publication in a digital format only and provide a better and more engaging reading experience.

The AMI was interested in Webpublication’s skills and proprietary technologies in Digital Publishing, but also in our complementary capabilities in Digital Marketing. We designed the publication, shot and edited videos for the forewords, produced motion design and voice-overs for the announcements during the ceremony, etc.

“Printing brochures in 2015 are a little dated, and although it’s what the Australian Marketing Institute has done in the past, it felt contradictory to continue the tradition for an organisation that should be at the forefront of marketing and the digital world. When considering cost and the life span of print brochures, the e-book is a far more cost efficient option. Easily accessible, and our audience can continue to enjoy the e-book for the future Marketing Excellence Awards” said Rania Poullos, Marketing and Communications Specialist at the AMI



We focused on creating a publication that works well across all platforms (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phablets, phones),which is engaging while transmitting the idea that the AMI inspires innovation within the Marketing industry.

With our design studio we worked on what we call it internally a “native web design”, which is a layout directly optimised for an online reading experience and for interactive features. When the publication is not printed we don’t need to make compromises and we can really make the best of the digital format. We used bigger fonts and visuals in the publication, making it easier to read and more attractive.

In the flipbook ebrochure we used extensively lightbox pop-ups and scrollbars as they are extremely useful to reduce the size of the copy in the pages. This way we can have pages that look lighter and focus on the campaign materials and on the photos. The addition of multimedia content such as videos, animations and call-to-action buttons makes the publication more engaging and interactive.

“Webpublication’s suggestions on how to improve navigation from the brief initially given, was a sure sign that this was an organisation who knew what they were doing and had much experience. The response time, organisation and overtime put in from the Webpublication team really showed their dedication and their high standard for a quality finish and customer satisfaction. Overall a great company to work with, and will be working with the team in future.” said Rania Poullos, Marketing and Communications Specialist at AMI.


AMI publication


With a bounce rate on the publication under 20% and an average of 3.14 minutes visit length and more than 50% of pages viewed per session we are extremely happy with the results. These numbers prove that the users are interested in the publication, enjoy the reading experience and interact with the content.

Most importantly the AMI is happy with the end result and assured us that they will be working with us again in the future.

>> View the ebrochure

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