Should you create online catalogues?

Digital catalogue

When you think of conventional marketing, you normally conjure up images of leaflets, brochures and catalogues. All of these are traditional marketing tools and you could be forgiven for assuming that being in the digital age, you don’t need a catalogue or similar today. Here are some very interesting…

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Our Top 5 Predictions for Digital Publishing in 2017

2017 Digital Publishing Predictions
Check out our top 5 digital publishing predictions for 2017 and see how those changes affect your business communication and what to do to get ahead of the game.
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Engage your customers with Push Notifications

Push Notification

Struggling to increase online engagement with customers? Mobile app push notifications could be your hero! Most marketers struggle with increasing engagement and often do not consider that their company’s mobile app could be doing the hard work for them. And the answer can be closer than expected. Mobile users spend 89%…

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Video must be part of your 2016 strategy

As you all know, the use of video in Content Marketing is growing at the speed of light. This is for a reason. In a study done by Diode Digital, it was found that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.
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Australia ranked #3 most creative country

The Directory Big Won Rankings 2015 has just been published, recognising the creative industry for its achievements in 2015. Summarising everything that happened in the creative industry worth mentioning, Australia got the bronze medal as the most creative country in the world. Webpublication certainly put its 3 cents in the hat!
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