Rich Media

All your publications – online magazine, ebrochure, digital catalogue… – can be customised with your logo and your brand guidelines. But to stand out we offer you the possibility to embed videos in your flipbooks, to play HTML5 animations in the pages, to download complementary documents, to insert hyperlinks, and so on.



You can create internal links between the pages of your flipbook or within its table of contents. You can create as well external links to websites, email adresses or any kind of attachment (PDF, PowerPoint...).


Images/ Photos

Attach your High Resolution images to your flipbook without restrictions of weight and size.
They will be downloadable or sent by email in one click. This feature is exremely useful for your
Press Kits or distributors' catalogues.



You can embed a video on the welcoming page or on any other page of your flipbook. Open it in a pop-up, insert it in the layout of the pay, stream it from Youtube... There are plenty of possibilities.


HTML5 animations

You can add your own animations in the pages of your flipbook or ask us to create them for you. Brief us and our expert HTML5 developers with help enriching your flipbooks.


Google analytics

The pages of your publications can be tagged to track all types of statistics with Google Analytics: readers' locations, traffic sources, number of visits, average time spent...


Password Protection

You can control the access to your flipbook by setting up a username/password protection, or restrict the access by applying an IP address filter.