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Publishing your flipbook with Webpublication is quick and easy. Upload your PDF and in a few seconds it is converted into a high quality digital publication that you can flip on the web. If you need help to enrich it, feel free to call us and our friendly staff will bring your flipbook to the next level.


You can enhance your online flipbook by embedding all sort of multimedia content such as images, videos, animations, tabs, sounds and much more. Our animators and developers are available to work on your projects and create the magic!

Cross platform

When you’re done creating your interactive flipbook you can upload it straight to your website and make it viewable on computers and mobile devices, you can send eDM campaigns, you can save it on a USB stick or DVD, you can build a mobile app… There are many ways of reaching your audience.

Create the best communication

Offer your readers an unrivalled interactive experience with Webpublication flipbooks. Animate your content, integrate hyperlinks, videos and images, create an interactive table of content…

Our software allows you to add an unlimited amount of images, which is perfect for your digital publications. There are no restrictions on the size or weight of your images either. 

No need to do the same work twice! With our flipbook creator you can convert your publicaitons into formats readable on all devices: PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android tablets... 

We can even create a mobile application which will allow you to sell your content or to let users read it offline.

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Webpublication is awarded and trusted by the best. Most of the top agencies in the world use our solution including Publicis, TBWA, Saatchi, Ogilvy and we now have more than 4,000 customers who enjoy working with us. Discover some of their flipbook creations. Our teams are full of talent and expertise. Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you bring your content to the next level!

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Flipbook examples

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Construction eCatalogue
Design for the web and wish list ordering

Real Estate 2017 Outlook Report
Design optimised for the web and many pop-ups