3 solutions are available for your flipbook:

  • Create your own flipbooks
  • Let us create the flipbooks for you
  • Automate the creation of your flipbooks

We have solutions to all your needs and you can talk with our specialists at any time to get some advice.  

Create your own flipbook in 10 minutes


Our user-friendly solution allows you to create your interactive flipbooks (magazines, catalogues, press kits, annual reports...) in less than 10 minutes!

Save money by creating yourself your own flipbooks.
Modify all the features (colours, icons, language… ) and amend your flipbook during 3 weeks after publishing your content online View an example ›

Create any kind of link for free (internal links or hyperlinks to websites, email addresses, documents...) View an example › 

Choose a permanent update of your document and fully benefit from all the advantages offered by the web compared to traditional print.

Create free online demos and convince your customers or colleagues.

Our software is user-friendly and very easy to use. All your employees can use it without training.

Let us create your flipbooks


Should you chose this option, we would create the flipbooks for you (catalogues, e-magazines, press release, brochures, annual reports...). Cut cost from print and target your audience in a much more cost-efficient way.
Offer your reader an unrivaled level of comfort.

  • Your flipbooks are published online in less than 72 hours
  • We advise you on how to customise your flipbooks
  • We assist you with inserting your flipbooks on your website or within your eDM campaigns
  • Our designers can create all type of multimedia content and animations
  • We are available to answer your questions anytime

Automate the creation of your flipbooks


The best solution to dramatically drop your costs if you have many flipbooks to produce. There is an additional setting up cost, but then you'll significantly reduce your per-edition publishing costs.

If you have many flipbooks to publish, we can develop a tailored solution to automate the creation of your interactive flipbooks. We simply download your datas through FTP / WebServices.