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Enter the Era of Apps!

In today’s business world, having your own application has become as important as having your own website. 

Webpublication can help you create a cross-platform HTML5 application for all your publications and digital content.

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Fast & Easy

In a few days only Webpublication creates your mobile application, customise it to your brand and integrate all the features required to provide the best experience to your readers: hyperlinks, videos, image galleries, contact information, push notifications, In-App purchase, etc.


Being a pioneer in the development of HTML5 applications, Webpublication can create mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc. so that you can reach the largest possible audience and get the highest Return-On-Investment.


Thanks to our user-friendly back office you can add new content to your mobile application or make an update in less than a minute. You upload your file, you confirm that you want it to be deployed to your app and that’s it!

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Library Application

We can create mobile applications for a single publication such as a book or a guide. But we can also create library applications to gather all your digital content (brochures, catalogues, newsletters, videos, images, etc.). This type of app is particularly adapted to the following.

Magazine Application

Make your magazine available on the web as well as in a cross-platform application integrated to Newsstand. Push notifications to your readers and get them to purchase a single issue or subscribe for the year.

Sales Rep Application

Have all your catalogues, leaflets and up to date price lists available in a user-friendly application for your sales team.

Catalogue Application

Distribute your catalogues to your prospects in an application that enrich your publications with videos, photo galleries and hyperlinks to your web store.

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Quick and Easy

Creating a new flipbook is quick and easy. Upload your PDF and in a few seconds it’s converted into a high quality digital publication that you can flip on the web and in your app.


Your creation is viewable on the web from any computer and mobile device as well as in your own mobile application. Multiply the access points to your content!


Your creation is viewable on the web from any computer and mobile device as well as in your own mobile application. Multiply the access points to your content!

Our latest examples

Library application that includes rich media publications with videos, High-Res images, links…
Demo application with all types of publications: brochures, magazines, catalogues, etc.
Library application with dozens of travel guides that can be purchased within the app.

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Why a mobile application?

What would be a mobile device without applications? Android, iPhone and iPad applications are pieces of software that you can download from dedicated stores. They became extremely popular because they allow users to access specific content in a direct and optimised way.

A booming market

Applications are at the true core of our smartphones. Without them, they would loose all their attractivity. Downloads should increase by 56% every year and we estimate that 100 billions would have been downloaded by 2015 (source: Berg Insights) and generate a revenue of $8.8 billion.

Free versus paid content

With some many applications available, how to make sure that prospects, customers, will find you? Simply by creating an appealing well designed, and highly useful application. 
Offering a free to download application is a powerful marketing resource that will increase your brand awareness and capture a wider audience. An application can be a significant way to generate additional revenues if you are asking your readers to pay in order to access your content.
The choice between free content or not only depends on what you are expecting from your application and the content you promote. 
Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss about the available options and get a free quotation.