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Make your own
iPhone application!

With the mobile revolution an iPhone or iPad application is now a must have for any company wishing to expand its audience. 
Webpublication helps you creating your iPhone application in a timely manner using our proprietary app creation software.

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Our apps automatically adapt to all screen sizes and devices. Flipping through the content on an iPhone is fast and smooth. Slide your finger on the screen to turn the pages of the magazine or catalogue, zoom in, click on an hyperlink, play a video … The reading experience is natural for all mobile users and totally immersive.
With an application you can download the files to read them offline later. A great advantage compared to having the publications online only!


We build our apps in HTML5 so that we can help you cover as many devices as possible with a cross-platform solution: iPhone, iPad, Android devices (Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC One, etc.)


You can add new publications yourself in your app thanks to our backend system. You can also make an update at any time and get it speeded out to all the users immediately.

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An app customized to your brand and your needs

We create unique apps and adapt them to your own branding and needs. 
Your mobile application can embed all types of publications: catalogues, magazines, brochures, guides… Video and image galleries can be integrated as well to provide a complete digital portal. If you’re publishing a magazine we can even integrate your app in Apple’s Newsstand, add in-app purchase, push notifications and much more!

Catalogue Application

The AppStore and Google Play Store are great channel to reach a large audience. Use it to distribute your product catalogue and enhance the presentation of your products with videos, image galleries, animations...

Sales force Application

Fed up with carrying all the hardcopy brochures or opening PDFs and PowerPoint presentations on your laptop?
Put all your leaflets, catalogues, and price lists into a modern app that can be easily updated and converted into a powerful sales tool.

Magazine Application

Reading a magazine on a tablet is clearly taking off. Don’t miss the chance to reach this large audience and create an app for your own magazine! The application can be totally customized and generate news sales for your business.

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Publishing a new issue in your app is super easy. You upload the PDF in our online platform and in a minute it’s ready to be downloaded in your app! No need for any technical skills.

Rich media

Create a rich and interactive reading experience with inserting videos, sounds, pop-up images… Our team can also help you create HTML5 animations to liven up your pages.


With our Digital Publishing platform you create one flipbook and in no time make it available on the web for computers and mobile devices, as well as in an iPad, iPhone and Android application or on CD-Rom and USB stick!

Some of our applications

Container application that includes rich media publications with videos, HD images, links…
Application that includes all marketing resources for echosens' sales team.
Brochures are updated in real time.
Container application that centralise many travel guides. Includes the In-App purchase.

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What are the advantages of an iPhone app?

• offline viewing: users can download a publication and read and re-read it offline later
• reach a wider or different audience: your app can be viewed on any iPhone and be shared easily. By releasing the app on iPhone you will be sure to reach all the iPhone fans and they represent 29% of the Australian mobile users.
• generate additional revenues: you can sell your app to your targets or even better, you can monetize your publications and sell them individually.

How to manage your app?

You don’t need to be an IT expert to update your app. You can just access our online platform and add new publications to your app. You can also make updates or modifications and get them deployed instantaneously to all users. You don’t need to submit a second time the app.

How make your audience aware of your iPhone application?

The initial step is to get your iPhone application approved on the App Store. To succeed, your application must be appealing and user friendly. Once it has been approved, you must ensure to use the appropriate pallet of marketing solutions to promote your iPhone application effectively: 

• Choose the right selling price 
• Create a specific webpage dedicated to your iPhone application
• Make great usage of the social networks
• Invest in digital marketing campaigns (Adwords, PiggyPack, banners…)

WebPublication helps you in each step of your iPhone application project. We’ve worked tirelessly to create the best application framework for your brand at a very competitive rate. Ask us today for a free quotation!