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Enter the Era of Apps!

In today’s business world, having your own application has become as important as having your own website. 

Webpublication can help you create a cross-platform HTML5 application for all your publications and digital content.

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Our mobile applications are optimized for all screens and devices. Browsing the content is easy, flipping through the pages of a magazine or catalogue is fast and smooth, launching a video, clicking on hyperlinks… everything is done to provide the best reading experience to mobile users. One of the great advantages of the applications is that users can download a publication to read it offline later.


We build our applications in HTML5 to offer flexibility and help you cover as many devices as possible: iPhone, iPad, Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S, HTC One, Nexus 7, etc.)


You can access our online platform to add new publications to your app. You can also make updates or modifications and get them deployed instantaneously to all users.

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Your app customised to your needs

Webpublication customizes the application to your particular branding and corporate information. All types of publications can be integrated: magazines, brochures, catalogues, annual reports… as well as image and video galleries. Would you need to publish a magazine we can integrate your app in Apple Newsstand, sell single issues and subscription options, push notifications and much more!

Sales force Application

Gather in an app all the catalogues, leaflets and price lists that your sales reps need for their presentations.

Catalogue Application

Distribute your catalogue on the AppStore and Google Play Store, enhance your product presentation with videos and image galleries, drive traffic to your web store with hyperlinks.

Magazine Application

Distribute your BtoB or BtoC magazine in a professional and customised application that allows you to offer rich media ads and manage subscriptions and archives.

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The online platform to create flipbooks and add them to your app is easy to use, doesn’t require any technical skills and allows a very quick turnaround.

Rich media

Adding rich media such as videos, sounds, pop-up images to your app has never been easier. Our team can also help you create HTML5 animations to liven up your pages.


With our Digital Publishing platform you create one flipbook only and can make it available on Internet for computers and mobile devices, in your custom iPad, iPhone and Android application, on CD-Rom and USB stick!

Some of our applications

Webpublication demo iOS application. Flip through all types of publications and check the photo and video galleries.
Android application with a large product catalogue
for sales representatives.


Library application for iOS with rich media publications: videos, images, links…


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Why should you create an application?

With the growing use of tablets, publishing enters an entirely new area, freeing online readers from their computers. Offer your audience an amazing experience with a dedicated app!

Create an application to expand your readership

Let your customers engage with your publications online or offline, anywhere, anytime. Reach new and existing readers thanks to a new channel of distribution.

Create an application to generate more traffic.

By creating a mobile application your brand becomes available in the AppStore and Google Play Store. It means that new prospects will be able to reach you. By updating your content on a regular basis and adding rich media you engage more with your audience. You are increasing your brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Create an application to reinforce your brand awareness

By creating an application you create a communication of proximity between you and your clients. Many brands do not have an app… Then do not miss this great opportunity and create significant competitive advantage over your competitors.